4. Give away first 2 chapters (see bottom of this page).


5. Write articles

6. Promote on YouTube.

7. Promote on Digg.

8. Promote on Squidoo.

9. Promote on Twitter.
10.Use Animotto.
11. Add your book link to free reports on Amazon.
12. Create a Free App.
13. Find local band and have them advertise via word of mouth.
14. Create hard copy of book.
15. Purchase backlinks to your book's URL.
16. Place jingle on your voicemail.
17. Get business cards made with book cover put them everywhere!
18. PPC with MS/Bing (cheaper than Adwords).
19. Buy existing website (that gets traffic) and advertise your book there.
20. Write articles for online forums.
21. Promote in free ezines.
22. Promote it in an ebook directory. Examples include:


23. Contact ALL of your friends and family and ask them to read your book.
24. Have kids pass out flyers in neighborhood.
25. Conduct a survey (sponsored by your book).
27. Offer book at a fundraiser.
28. Include book business card with checks (when you pay the bills)
29. Let key influencers promote your book URL.
30. Create a FREE blog to promote your book.
31. Create and e-course and sponsor with your book.
32. Contact sites that host webinars and have your book as one of the bonus products.
33. Publish a FREE ebook that promotes the paying one.
34. Create t-shirts with your book's cover art (giveaway).
35. Do public speaking
36. Promote your book at fleamarkets (with a laptop)
37. Write articles.
38. Promote on Craigslist.
39. Promote on Adpost
40. Shift into an adjacent market.
41. Create a sandwich board and pay someone to stand at a busy intersection.

42. Get a free voicemail number and record a teaser trailer about your book. Put the number everywhere.
43. Round Robin Marketing.

44. Buy solo ads and promote to niche markets.


45. Speak at a seminar and promote your book.
46. Find stuff to sell on ebay and give your book away as a bonus (or discount the cost).
47. Event Marketing
48. Call your friends and family members and ask them to buy your book.
49. Buy magnetic signs and get friends to place on their cars, vans, etc.
50. Write personal letters and mention your book.
51. Place ad in a direct mail promoter like ValPak.
52. Send out 'lumpy mail' with ASI specialty object promoting your book.
53. Write newsletters
54. Create brochures
55. Buy cheap ROS TV Spots
56. Buy cheap ROS Radio Spots
57. Use print Advertising
58. Find a startup Public Relations firm and become their first client.
59. In every birthday, holiday, etc. greeting card mention your book.
60. Use Google's services.
61. Hire bloggers to write on book forums.
62. Use Bookrooster.
63. Hang out in Kindle forum.
64. Use Goodreads.
65. Tweak and Test your promotions.
66. Donít be a Pioneer (Ouch!)
67. Your Value Proposition
68. Use Google's Trends and write articles that incorporate your book.
69. Focus on tags.
70. Get Rich in your Niche
71. Let others sell for you
72. Create a Sales Page.
73. Getting Customers for Free piggyback on other promotions.
74. Read John Locke's book.
75. Write a keyword rich description.
76. Use CreateSpace.
77. Fortune in the Follow-up
78. Buying Smart
79. Use GalleyCat.
80. Use images of your book on Pinterest.
81. Use submitbookmark.
82. Duplicate your efforts.
83. Find a podcast for your niche and become a guest.
84. Use audacity to create free recordings for podcasts.
85. Process map your promotion strategy!
86. Working with a Charity
87. Database Marketing & Lists
88. CO-Op Mailings
89. Have strong signature line for book forums.
90. Joint venture with another, non-competing, author.
91. Get your book added to a catalog.
92. Find TeleSeminars in your book's niche and promote.
93. Use Amazon's author blog.
94. Buy online and offline remnant Ads
95. Place ads in SCAN network.
96. Hold contests and give book away as prize.
97. Use Facebook.
98. Submit articles on niche writer/author blogs.
99. Use press release services like PRWire.

100. Use HARO for free press.


(First 3 From Article Located here)....

1. Make ebook FREE with KDP Select.

2. Have friends BUY and write reviews of your Kindle book!

3. Promote your book on Fiverr.
















































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